Mr. Neil and His Sugarcoat for Close Up Fresformance!

Mr. Neil never failed causing a girls-dominating crowd every time he performs in concerts conducted by his Performing Arts Communication (PAC) Class. He’s got the groove that he let it all out through his voice and dance moves.
            Last December was his final track of the journey in Close Up Freshformance competition that he and Sugarcoat (the team he joins in) joined. It wasn’t an ordinary talent search competition that seeks for those who’s good in singing and dancing. From the very beginning, the requirements to this and that in the competition were sometimes overwhelming Mr. Neil and team noticing the fact they managed everything by themselves. However the spirit that he has and so does his team succeeded leading them to be the Top 5 National Grandfinalist of the competition!

            Well, they didn’t make it to get the main trophy, but being the top 5 beating hundreds of applicants was indeed an achievement Mr. Neil and team should be proud of.
            Good job, Mr. Neil. SWAG (?)

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