Mr. & Ms. LSPR for CABARET The Musical

2013 was the year for Teatro LSPR 13th Production and Cabaret was the title of the year. Another good news for Mr. and Ms. LSPR big family that Ms. Brenda Pangemanan & Mr. Aditya Gilank had the chance to be its main casts for this production. Ms. Brenda had the role of Sally Bowles, a young English singer for a night club known as Kit Kat Club in the corner of Berlin in 20s and it’s Mr. Aditya who casted as the Master of Ceremony (Emcee) of the club; a ghoulish, flamboyant and leering figure.
            The story centers on the relationship of Sally Bowles and a young American writer, Cillford Bradshaw (who was starred by Mr. Michael Kho from Mr. & Ms. 2011). Background of the story brought the rough condition in Germany while Nazi regime was still around. However, during the semi-interactive spots within the show, the Emcee welcomes and assures the audience that whatever their troubles, they will forget them at the Cabaret.
            Norman Karnadi, Mr. LSPR 2011, was also on stage as Herr Schultz, a jewish fruitshop owner who loves a German. In addition to that, one of the main person behind the success of the show was actually coming from Mr. & Ms. LSPR (2011) family, the one and only Ms. Adda Pukta Maria as the Producer.

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