Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013 Campaign “Say No To Drugs and Free Sex”

     21st November 2013 was the date Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013 cooperated with LSPR Student League conducted a campaign “Say No To Drugs and Free Sex” that was run for about a week at LSPR. As noted from the theme, this campaign was initiated to ensure LSPR students that they are aware about Drugs and Free Sex as issues they need to deal with wisely.
   Practically this campaign allowed LSPR Students to write down their commitment in a wide blank spread of banner to stay away from the two (drugs and free sex). Enthusiasm from LSPR Students emerged from the first day of campaign that in a day only a few part of the banner left unwritten.
  On 28th November LSPR Band supported the campaign on “Sound of Thursday”, a regular live music performance at LSPR Campus B Cafetaria. Duo Mr&Ms Congeniality 2013 Ms. Sheila and Mr. Onky (who is also Mr. Talent 2013) happened to do a number and succeeded making the event even merrier, attracting more crowds. Then it was closed with a live campaign by Mr&Ms LSPR 2013 Mr. Benny and Ms. Brenda about the two issues being campaigned and they also encourage fellow students to join the Photo Contest by Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013. 

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