Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013 Photo Contest

       This was the second concrete program of Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013 and also part of the “Say No To Drugs and Free Sex” campaign. This contest opened wide the opportunity for LSPR Students to express their support for the campaign in a form of picture they originally captured with their own camera.
    Enthusiasm for this contest was pleasing.that so many students happened to ask the what and how since the very first time the information was delivered by Mr. Benny and Ms. Brenda on Sound of Thursday on 28th November 2013.
Sola Gracia, one of the winner for this competition admitted that she really support the campaign and committed to join the contest right after it was announced. No wonder that she actually was the first contestant that submitted the photo.
            Awarding moment was held on 2nd December 2013 and all the winners were given a number of interesting prizes such as LSPR Sweater, LSPR Mug, Cinema Voucher and some others. 

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