3 days to Coronation night.

Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

3 days away!

2nd of July might be the time that we all had been waiting for, it is the coronation night for Mr and Ms LSPR 2012. These Finalist had been practicing really hard to perfect their moves. Many blocking and dancing moves to remember; many Question had to trained to be answered. 1 Big Burden had been lifted after the Pre-Pageant Day, but it is another at the coronation night. 

Here are the 20 Finalists.

Practicing for Coronation Night Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

Mr and Ms LSPR 2012 

Training Footage

Here are some clips collected from quarantine session of the Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR 2012! Enjoy!!!

Article from LSPR News Online, A Day with Finalist Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

Mr & Ms. LSPR 2012 is heating up London School as the competition starts its series of event.  As many as 20 finalists from various batch and major were chosen after the auditions held in campus A, B and C last month.  The event was started with “A Day with the Finalist of Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2012” last Monday, 4 June 2012.  The finalist joined three class sessions; Professional Table Manners by Ms.Ellen (JRP), Public Speaking and Presentation Skill by Ms.Rini Sanyoto and Personality Development by Mr.Tommy Parnando completed with LSPR History by Ms.Chrisdina Wempi (Deputy Director I).

During lunch break, all finalists presented themselves in cafeteria campus B in order to get vote from London School’s student to be Mr. & Ms. Favorite 2012.  There will be Pre-Pageant show next 21 June 2012 and the Coronation Night on 2 July 2012.  Vote and support your favorite finalist to be the next Mr. & Ms. LSPR!

Traditional Dance. Heritage of JAVA.

Javanese Traditional Dance

Mr and Ms LSPR 2012 Quarantine Session

Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR 2012 will be adopting the HERITAGE of JAVA as their Coronation Night theme. Which will be held in Auditorium, Campus B, London School of Public Relations. 20 of the finalist will be performing 2 types of dances. The traditional and modern dances. 

Mr. Mikhael & Ms. Monica will be coaching the traditional dances
Ms. Ufa will be coaching the modern. 

Promotional Video Shoot, Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

Profile Video

Raja, Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR 2011, Directed the shots

Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

Mr and Ms LSPR 2012, have more activities than the Mr and Ms LSPR 2011, other than planning to visit the YKAI ( Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia ) they also went through a series of conceptual photo shoot and video shoot. On Friday, 8th of May. They gathered at 6AM in Taman Suropati for the shoot. With the help of a few friends and LSPR TV they are able to finish the shoot at around 3PM.
The 20 Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR possessed a variety of talent. Other than displaying a high academic achievement, they are also active in their non academic activities such as

- Singing
- Football
- Basketball
- Marching Band
- Music
- Radio Announcer
- Designing

Each individual of the Finalist will be performing their Special Talent on the Pre-Pageant Day, otherwise known as the Talent Show.  Which will be held on the 21 of June, in Media Center, Campus B, LSPR.

Talent Show will be scored and the finalist with most score will win the Mr and Ms Talent LSPR 2012. Judging will also started on that day, where the finalist of Mr and Ms 2012 would be asked series of question by the Judges.

Come and Join us for

Pre-pageant:21st of June 2012
Coronation Night:2nd of July 2012.

Good luck Mr and Ms LSPR 2012!!

'A Day with Finalist' Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

Mr and Ms LSPR 2012 

A day with Finalist

Mr and Ms LSPR a day with finalist is a day where the finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR, be equipped by their mentors. Their first activities was History of LSPR by Ms. Chrisdina Followed up by Table Manner by JRP, Public Speaking by Ms. Rini Sanyoto and last session was Personality Development by Mr. Tommi Parnando

Not to be missed is the Meet and Greet with the 20 Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR 2012. Which was held at Campus B, Cafeteria, at STIKOM LSPR.

Mr. Favorite LSPR 2011 and Ms. Runner Up LSPR 2011 led the meet and greet by being the Master of Ceremonies. Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR 2012 were announced to go on stage 5 by 5 which were then were ask a Question each. Self-Campaign and Online Voting system were also announce during the Meet and Greet with the Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR 2012.

Finalist with the most vote will win the Mr and Ms Favorite LSPR.

Voting will be closed on our Coronation night at 02/07/2012, 17:00

Keep voting for your Mr and Ms Favorite LSPR 2012 at this Blog.

The Well-Formed Outcome

a very powerful model on GOAL SETTING by Dr. Bob Bodenhamer. 

1) State the goal in positive terms.
Describe the Present Situation and compare it with the desired future goal.
  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • What do you want?
  • State it in the positive (what you want to achieve).
  • What are you going toward?
2) Specify the goal in Sensory Based Terms.
  • What will you see, hear, feel, etc., when you have it?
  • What steps or stages are involved in reaching this goal?
  • Engage all of your senses in this description process to employ more of your brain and nervous system.
  • Have you broken down your goal into small enough chunks so that each is do-able?
  • What are the sizes of the behavioral chunks?  Could the size possibly overwhelm you?
3) Specify the goal in a way that you find compelling.
Is the goal compelling?  Does it pull on you?  Make it a compelling future representation that’s dissociated (When you see your goal make sure you see yourself having obtained your goal.).

4) Run a Quality Control check on your Goal to make sure it is for you in all areas of your life.
  • Is the desired goal right for you in all circumstances of your life?
  • Is your goal appropriate in all your personal relationships?
  • What will having your goal give you that you do not now have?
  • What will having your goal cause you to lose?
  • Is your goal achievable?
  • Does it respect your health, relationships, etc?
Run a quality check to make sure that your goal fits every part.  Ask, “Are there any parts of me that objects to actualizing this desired goal?”  If so, address those unconscious frames of mind.
Pay attention to how your whole self responds to the question in terms of images, sounds, words, and sensations within you.
5) Self-initiated and maintained.
Is the goal something that you can initiate yourself and maintain?
Test your goal by asking if it is something that you have within your power or ability to do.
  • Is it within your control?
Your goal must be something that you can initiate and maintain.  It must not be something dependent on other people.  Make sure that your goal reflects things that you can directly affect.
  • Is it self initiated and maintained?
6) State the Context of the goal.
  • Where, when, how, with whom, etc. will you get this goal?
  • Is the goal appropriately contextualized?
Test your goal by applying it to a context: when, where, with who, etc. to make sure that it is going to be fitting and appropriate.  Readjust your goal to make sure that it fits.

7) State the Resources needed to achieve the goal.
  • What resources will you need in order to get this goal?
  • Who will you have to become?
  • Who else has achieved this goal?
  • Have you ever had or done this before?
  • Do you know anyone who has?
  • What prevents you from moving toward it and attaining it now?
 Evidence Procedure.
  • How will you know that your goal has been realized?
  • What will let you know that you have attained that desired state?

This article are meant to help the Mr and Ms LSPR understand that our brain works primarily from our sensory system (pictures, sounds, feelings), and by setting goals with these it will help us better in achieving our objectives.