Promotional Video Shoot, Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

Profile Video

Raja, Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR 2011, Directed the shots

Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

Mr and Ms LSPR 2012, have more activities than the Mr and Ms LSPR 2011, other than planning to visit the YKAI ( Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia ) they also went through a series of conceptual photo shoot and video shoot. On Friday, 8th of May. They gathered at 6AM in Taman Suropati for the shoot. With the help of a few friends and LSPR TV they are able to finish the shoot at around 3PM.
The 20 Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR possessed a variety of talent. Other than displaying a high academic achievement, they are also active in their non academic activities such as

- Singing
- Football
- Basketball
- Marching Band
- Music
- Radio Announcer
- Designing

Each individual of the Finalist will be performing their Special Talent on the Pre-Pageant Day, otherwise known as the Talent Show.  Which will be held on the 21 of June, in Media Center, Campus B, LSPR.

Talent Show will be scored and the finalist with most score will win the Mr and Ms Talent LSPR 2012. Judging will also started on that day, where the finalist of Mr and Ms 2012 would be asked series of question by the Judges.

Come and Join us for

Pre-pageant:21st of June 2012
Coronation Night:2nd of July 2012.

Good luck Mr and Ms LSPR 2012!!

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