Mr. Aditya for Sister City Youth Program

Last 19 - 29 November was another chance for Aditya Gilank Pratama representing Indonesia in an international event bearing a title 2013 International Youth Organization Forum and Beijing Sister City Youth Program. Long processes of selection and quarantine were paid off by the benefits that he got during the program.
            Activities that he did while he was in Beijing included exploration of the whole essential parts of the city for the purpose of research data he was to pursue, gaining connection with local students, cultural mission through performing traditional arts from Indonesia especially Jakarta with Nandak dance as the main part of the performance, and of course the making of research as mentioned.
            The research that he and his fellow delegates did mainly focused on Leadership and Nationalism, Entrepreneurship and Art & Culture. Delegates were split into 3 groups and Aditya’s group highlighted the issue about the (turned out to be) tendency of young people in China to use international products (with Handphone / Smartphone as the research object) and question if it affected their nationalism. The result more or less gave the idea that it actually didn’t since people in China have so many other alternative to implement and prove their nationalism.
            It had been a great experience for Aditya and he felt grateful to bring the good name of STIKOM LSPR, where he goes to, in international field. Prior to this, on the first year at LSPR, he delegated Indonesia for Asian Youth Forum 2011 in Taipei that led him to be one of the selected student leaders after the event to handle the next forum in Vladivostok.
            “I am a full-time learner and will always spare wide rooms for improvements. And such experience would mean nothing if I also did nothing after I got back home. Therefore, making change are two words that must always stay on my shoulders.”

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