Mr. Jeffrey Nayoan : Koko Cici Jakarta 2013

Koko Cici Jakarta is beauty pageant that seeks for social&culture and tourism ambassador of DKI Jakarta, a program under Dinas Pariwisata DKI Jakarta. Its aim is to provide the venue for prospective ambassador that is able to take the role in preserving the culture especially Tionghoa culture, and also supporting DKI Jakarta potential in tourism.
            Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013 has Mr. Calvin Gunawan as the alumni of this beauty pageant. During the competition, he proves that KoCi taught him a lot especially when it comes to gain confidence like slicing a cake.
            For this year, Mr. Jeffrey Nayoan should give himself a credit that he made it to be one of the finalist of Koko Cici Jakarta 2013. The selection process was a slippery road, to him. And it was even harder when the quarantine term began. However, learning from the latest experience in Mr. & Ms. LSPR, he implemented the concept that he shouldn’t even think of the result, just show everything he’s got and let god do the rest.
            Therefore, despite the result wasn’t something he expected, he is still proud of himself that he had done his best and succeeded not to scapegoat his hectic schedule (taking care of his final year in campus) as his reason not to do the best.

             “He was shining on stage! Ah well… everything happens for reason”, said one of his supporter from LSPR right after the final night.

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