Mr. Benny Satrya Bonardy "The Mr. LSPR 2013"

Wears glasses, loves to curve a wide smile representing hospitality, has a twin who also goes to the same school and major (not that much worrying since they don’t go to the same class. Yeay?) Exactly! It’s Benny Satrya Bonardy!
            He was born in West Borneo, 30 April 1994. Graduated from Santo Ignasius Singkawang, West Borneo, in 2012 and he is now a student of Marketing Communication major at The London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Jakarta. He has been showing his best since the first time he went to LSPR, started from his achievement to be the Public Speaker in LSPR Summer Workshop 2012, Octo Finalist in Asian English Olympic 2013, and being one of the nominations of the annual LSPR Theatre Festival 2012 Best Actor category. And in the middle of the year, he made it to be the Mr. LSPR 2013 together with Brenda Pangemanan as Ms. LSPR 2013. One of the appreciation for him and Brenda was the opportunity to get one year scholarship from LSPR.
            It wasn’t an easy journey to get there. Together with his fellow finalists, he had to go through several selection processes before and during the quarantine term. He, who was one of the youngest finalists after Mr. Stanly Surya, was the finalist who consistently did well during the quarantine term according to the coaches, seniors, and also the other finalists. The biggest prove was well proven at the Coronation Night last July. On the Q&A session he got asked about an issue related to diversity in Indonesia, and he killed it with brilliant answer by asking the audience to think of a rainbow that it’s beautiful for it is colorful, it represented his support towards diversity in this country that has a lot of colors inside.

            “I am glad I can be ‘somebody’ in one of the best school in Indonesia and made it to be a better person. And I also feel honored for the trust and responsibility to take part driving LSPR to be better by being a representative ambassador for LSPR. Most importantly, I am so happy that I can make the ones I love (family and friends who support me) curve wide smiles for me”, said Mr. Benny who is now also taking the responsibility as the President of Rotaract (Rotary Club in Action!) Club of LSPR.

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