Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013 Coronation Night

          The London School of Public Relations Jakarta once again held its annual pageant Mr&Ms LSPR- pageant that seeks bright representatives of LSPR to be campus ambassadors bearing the good name of LSPR internally and externally. 
This year theme was ‘Sumatra : The Precious Swarna Dwipa’ and Swarna Dwipa itself refers to the sanskrit term of Island of Gold.
      Aside from the around-3 months quarantine, 20 finalists that were selected from the audition went through several activities that this programme provided. Started from A Day With Finalist when they were given the opportunity to gain some more learnings through workshops about Personality Development,

 Public Speaking, and Table Manner; Meet and Greet when they publicly promoted themselves to be the Mr&Ms Favorite and ask for supports at the coronation night; Photo Session that took place at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah when they gave their best at the making of their official photo and video as finalists; Charity Day that took place at Yayasan Sayap Ibu located in Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta when they happily had a visit and played along with children with intelectual disabilities there.
Pre-Pageant Day was also a notable agenda for the finalist since that’s the time when they had to give their best at showing their talent within minutes and having the debateable Q&A sessions with judges. Last but not least before the coronation was Capacity Building when they spent 
two days one night long having classes regarding the informations that they need to know as LSPR ambasador and also physical trainings.
Night of July the 5th was the remarkable Coronation Night that they succeeded bringing the house down by showing the best in everything that has been taught during the quarantine, from the traditional dance, casual fashion show, catwalk, and killing it at the 

Q&A segments for the big 12 finalist selected. That night led LSPR to having Benny Satrya Bonardy (batch 16) and Brenda Pangemanan (batch 15) as the newly selected Mr & Ms LSPR 2013. However with all that the finalist had gone through, they are all the winners for themselves after all.
Aditya Gilank Pratama, 2013 finalist.  (17/07/2013)
For YOU, everyone involved in the making of Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013, especially for all of the fellow finalists:
Brenda, Neil, Sheila, Pia, Jeffry, Virgy, Onky, Viola, Jeffrey, Nathania, Deyo, Imeyda, Benny, Ranieta, Orville, Nadia, Calvin, Yulita, Stanley.
(Intended to be posted a few days after the coronation night, but due to some errors, it happened to be posted just now. Cheers)

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