Brenda Pangemanan "The Ms. LSPR 2013"

“My feeling is absolutely grateful for the opportunity. I feel like… now I can reach more hearts and inspire more people. I’m completely honored and blessed, and somehow I feel like this is my stepping stone to a brighter future”
            Expressed Bee, that’s what Brenda Pangemanan commonly known as, when she got asked about her feeling to get the title as Ms. LSPR 2013. She admitted that the experience she went through together with her fellow Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013 finalists was one of the best of the year. It’s not only she being lucky that she got the Tiara on her head, but also for what she has from the public speaking skill, her fluency in English, her spirit and enthusiasm that she let it all out through the fashion show and dance performance including her sincere answer on Q&A session at the Coronation Night.
            Inside that tiny and energetic figure, she has so many potential that she maintains really well especially when it comes to singing. She, who was born in Semarang 2 September 1993, has a beautiful voice that everybody would die for. Proven by her track records in singing that already stepped on international zone with her achievements such as 2011 Winner of the 6th World Choir Games in Shao Xing (China), 2010 Gold Medal for Children’s Choir in Shao Xing (China), 2009 Gold Medal for A Voyage of Songs, International Choir Competition, Malaysia, 2007 Gold Medal in International Choir Competition Thailand and the last one was the opportunity for her to be the main cast for 13th Production of Teatro LSPR (Cabaret the Musical) in which she sang several musical numbers inside.
“A good friend of mine once said if the world is nothing but a blank piece of paper and we are nothing but coloring pencils, it doesn’t matter what color you are; what matters is what you can do to that piece of paper. I hope I can do more things to put as much color to that blank piece of paper, and to prove that the Tiara is on the right head”, as she curved a smile.