Mr. & Ms. LSPR for LSPR Student League Election

LSPR finds it important to educate its students about Democracy as one of the essential points of Indonesia as a country. The willing is annually implemented by holding a transparent election for its Student Council body known as LSPR Student League. The whole election process includes the Meet & Greet with candidates, Campaign weeks, argument-off the so called Debate Night, until the election weeks that allow LSPR students, lecturers, and staffs to choose their best candidates.
            Just like the previous year, there were 3 President and 3 Vice candidates for 2013 Election. Was a sweet coincidence that the 3 Vice President candidates were all coming from Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013. They were Ms. Sheila Siregar (Christian Santoso partner), Mr. Jeffrey Nayoan (Fransisca Natasha partner), and Mr. Aditya Gilank (Williem Leonardi partner).
Competition among the candidates started right after the coronation night last July. It was a fair and much as tough competition between them especially for the Vice since knowing the fact that the 3 were best friends gave the prospective voters confusion on who to choose. These 3 best friends happened to call themselves “Frienemies” during the election term. However they believe that inside the joke, they have the commitment to support anyone who made it to be the one, which went to Ms. Sheila and her partner.The 3 admitted that Mr. & Ms. LSPR influenced their performance during the election process. They brought along the confidence, the spirit, and so the ability in public speaking that they utilized on their campaign and the debate night. Of all those, together they had the willing to bring the good name of Mr. & Ms. LSPR 2013 by doing the best they could.

The output of this annual program also went to Ms. Pia Annisa who was selected to be The Public Relation Officer (PRO) for LSPR Modelling Club (successor of Ms. Virginia as the previous officer for Modelling Club) and Yulita Putri as the Vice President for LSPR Marching Band.

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