Mr. Jeffry ‘3 Sash(es)’ Wiranata : The Story Telling National Champ!

Perhaps, it wasn’t easy for Mr. Jeffry to get to his boarding house right after the coronation night since he had a lot in his shoulders…literally. Yes, he awe-d the audience for he succeeded bringing home 3 Sashes on the coronation night; Mr. Favorite, Mr. Best In Traditional Costume, and Mr. Runner Up 1 2013.

            Nobody wondered about the result especially the finalists that already got used to the fact that Jeffry always has something to talk about and too good to be true that it always amazingly happened during the Q&A Session either on rehearsal or the D-Day on the coronation night.
            He admitted that Public Speaking is already part of his life and 2103 was his year when it comes to that. He got the 3rd position in the national story telling competition “The ICON 2013” where he had to beat many contestants prior to his winning.

“In public speaking, what you say is important but it is not the most important of all. Public speaking is more about how you say it, yes, the way you deliver the message is the one that matters. Just beat the fear and just speak as if you are the only trusted person in front of people. Hahaha!” – said Mr. Jeffry. 

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