20th of May 2012, 3rd Day. Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

Mr and Ms LSPR 2012

Team Building Activities

All the finalists are expected punctual for this "Team Building" activities.

In their previous Quarantine Session, 5 teams of 4 people were formed. They are named under SUPERHERO categories.

1. Hulk - dress code GREEN
2. Pandji - dress code PURPLE
3. Batman - dress code BLACK
4. Fantastic Four - dress code BLUE
5. Gatot Kaca - dress code BROWN

There are series of activities that they have to participate with starting themselves then gradually escalates to 4 people till the game ends.

After a series of massive heat and sweat, evaluation were briefed to the Finalist of Mr and Ms LSPR 2012 by Mr.Imanuel Hutagalung, and Pandji Group came out as a winner.

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